13 Sep

Suppose you file a lawsuit against someone; proceeding further, you are supposed to serve them with legal documents or notices. But what if the individual you are suing is not reachable, cannot be contacted, or is unable to be traced? What to do in such a situation? Well, you can take another approach called, widely known as skip tracing, which is an essential aspect of process serving. 

If you need the best skip tracing in St. George or anywhere else, you must understand it correctly. 

Who Needs Skip Tracing and Why 

As we already said, skip tracing is integral to the service of process in cases where the person is untraceable or unreachable for any possible reason. You can take the help of an expert agency or professional to help locate them and serve critical legal notices. 

Sometimes, there could be multiple people you may need to serve notices to. So, in that case, you will need batch skip tracing Hurricane or elsewhere you are. Now the question is who generally needs these services and why. So, let’s explore it more thoroughly. 

The following people usually need skip tracing services:  

1). Process Servers   2). Private Investigators      

3).  Journalists 4). Law Firms   5). Debt Collectors           

6). Plaintiffs 

Here are why you need these services: 

  • If you have landed debt to a person, they are now absconding. 
  • Your tenants run away without paying their dues. 
  • Your witnesses for the lawsuits are nowhere to be found. 
  • You may have accused someone of fraud, but you cannot find them alone. 
  • You are suing someone, but their current address is unknown.  

Benefits of Skip Tracing 

If someone is unreachable, it doesn’t mean they cannot be located. A professional skip tracing expert knows all the legally possible ways to do the task successfully. 

By hiring a reliable professional for the best skip tracing in St. George or Hurricane, people can have the following benefits:

  • The skip tracer digs, extracts, and collects data from various sources, such as public records, credit headers, utility bills, loan applications, criminal background checks, courthouse records, etc. In other words, The more sufficient the data, the easier the tracing; it saves time and reduces stress. 
  • Skip tracing allows you to find multiple people simultaneously by implementing batch skip tracing in Hurricane or anywhere else you need. 
  • Skip tracing allows you to verify the statement’s authenticity. For example, you may want to verify a candidate’s address claim and background. In such a case, a skip tracer can come in handy. 

Skip tracing professionals are highly-trained in all the possible ways to locate an individual or a group of people. They can solve your concerns and save you from stress, staying under the legal boundary.

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